1. What is a Traffic Door?

A traffic door is a double acting door that provides a barrier between two areas. This “barrier” can be visual, thermal or both. “Double Acting” means that the door swings in either direction. Traffic doors are designed to be opened by impact. The type of traffic, the impact, and the function that the door is to serve will help determine the product that should be used.

2. What is a Flexible Door?

A Flexible Door is a traffic door made from flexible PVC, that utilizes a Spring Hinge System at the top of the door. The advantage that the flexible doors offer is its ability to handle abuse from traffic passing through the opening with its flexible material and an adjustable torsion spring.

3. Why use a Traffic Door?

Traffic doors are an excellent choice for applications where a high volume of traffic exists and minimal infiltration is desired. Doors serve as a barrier. This barrier can be thermal, visual, sound, environmental or secure.

4. How do I know which door is right for my application?

To properly answer this questions, the following information is needed:

  • What is the opening size?
  • What type of traffic will be going through this door?
  • What is the traffic flow pattern going through the opening?
  • Will the door be subject to washdown or cold storage?
  • Is the door being used for thermal separation?
  • What do you want the door to do? (control temps, visual barrier, hold-up under abusive applications, provide a positive seal)

5. How do I get Tax-Exempt Status?

To receive a tax-exempt account status, please fill out our Tax-Exempt Account Request Form (LINK). Please have your exemption documentation ready to upload.

All sales will be subject to appropriate sales taxes.

6. What is your Return Policy?

The products that we sell are custom/made to order, and therefore cannot be returned for refund. If the product arrives damaged or is malfunctioning, please call us to discuss the issue, and obtain return / replacement instructions. If your product is arrives damaged due to shipping, please be sure to sign the delivery receipt – DAMAGED.