Washdown Curtains

If sanitation as well as separation is desired, Washdown Curtains are the ideal choice for your application. The seamless Washdown Curtains are constructed with FDA-Approved flexible PVC, stainless steel track, hangers and grommets, and an easy glide track system – allowing for proper sanitation and prevention of potential contaminant build-up. All materials satisfy the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 and remain flexible in temperatures as low as -20F.

Washdown Curtains are ideal for:

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Compounding
  • Clean Rooms
  • Food Preparation
  • Washdown Areas


  • Creates a barrier while also maintaining visibility and safety
  • Remains pliable in temperatures as low as -20F
  • Prevents entrapment of contaminants to deter bacteria growth and eliminate rust
  • The heat-sealed hem creates a waterproof seal that does fray, tear, or allow for bacteria growth
  • All materials satisfy Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21
  • Stainless hardware for improved sanitation and longevity
  • Areas where contaminants collect are eliminated with the tubular track, open-top hangers and seamless curtain

Heat Sealed Perimeter Hem

A 2” Heat-Sealed Perimeter Hem adds durability and creates a waterproof seal that does not fray, tear or readily allow bacteria growth, unlike traditional stitching.

Mounting Options

Sliding Mounting Options

Washdown Curtain Mounting System

The Washdown Curtain Mounting system with open-top hangers allows for effective and efficient washdown of machinery and equipment. The unique design promotes proper sanitation and eliminates the potential for contaminant build up. The Washdown Curtain Mounting System is paired with a 3/8” threaded rod (threaded rod not included – source locally) to allow it to hang from above; and standard Delrin rollers. Stainless steel rollers are optional.

Curtain Attachments

Supported vinyl curtains are provided with grommets on 12” centers, allowing them to hang from sliding track using rollers with hooks, or to attach to square tube frame with plastic ties.

Material & Colors

Optional Materials & Colors

Transparent PVC

Available Thicknesses: 40 mil


  • ASTM E84 Class A (Clear-40 mil)
  • FDA (Clear-40 mil)


Optional Accessories Not Available With This Product


Optional Layouts

Have a desired or required design for your industrial curtain in your specific application? We offer a variety of styles consisting of single sided, double sided, triple sided, four sided or multiple straights.





Multiple Straights