Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains are your answer for exterior industrial curtain applications such as pavilions, access openings, and loading docks, just to name a few. Universal hardware allows for the curtains to be mounted to a door jamb or wall, a chain-weighted hem keeps the curtain in place, and full-height nylon webbing transfers wind load to the hardware and anchors. You have the option to attach the curtains to the floor when closed, which adds an additional layer of security and prevents excessive movement. Outdoor Curtains are available in custom sizes to fit any application.

Outdoor Curtains are ideal for:

  • Pole Buildings
  • Pavilions
  • Access Openings
  • Loading Docks


  • Allows airflow while keeping dust and debris out
  • Added security against unwanted entry
  • Quickly slides open to allow traffic to pass
  • Improved working conditions
  • Cost-effective alternative to rigid doors

Heat Sealed Perimeter Hem

A 2” Heat-Sealed Perimeter Hem adds durability and creates a waterproof seal that does not fray, tear or readily allow bacteria growth, unlike traditional stitching.

Mounting Options

Sliding Mounting Options

Chain Mount

Vertical plates with holes allow track to hang from above using chain connected with S-hooks.

Wall Mount

Offset plates with slots allow track to mount flush against a wall.

Beam Mount

C-clamps allow track to be mounted directly to overhead beams.

Ceiling Mount

Horizontal plates with holes allow track to be mounted directly to the ceiling.

Threaded Rod

90-degree brackets allow track to hang from above using 3/8” threaded rod (threaded rod not included – source locally).

Studded Tubing

Studs easily hang PVC strips, tubing is available solid or pre-drilled for threaded rod installation.

Curtain Attachments

Supported vinyl curtains are provided with grommets on 12” centers, allowing them to hang from sliding track using rollers with hooks, or to attach to square tube frame with plastic ties.

PVC Strips

PVC strips are pre-drilled for quick attachment to studded trolleys for use with sliding track, or directly to studded square tube frame.

Universal Mount

Our Universal Mounting system allows your Welding Curtain to be mounted to a ceiling, flush to a wall, or suspended from above with threaded rod (threaded rod not included – source locally).

Static Mounting Options

Our products are also static mount compatible. Beam Flange clamps with front mount tap are available.

Material & Colors

Optional Materials & Colors

Translucent PVC

Available Thicknesses: 14 mil, 40 mil

Aztec Red

Dark Green




  • NFPA 701 Compliant (Aztec Red-14 mil, Dark Green-14 mil, Charcoal-14 mil, Yellow-14 mil, Blue-14 mil)
  • AWS (Aztec Red-14 mil, Dark Green-14 mil, Red-40 mil, Dark Green-40 mil)
  • California Fire Marshall (CFM) (Red-40 mil, Dark Green-40 mil)

PVC Coated Polyester

Available Weights: 14oz, 18oz, 22oz, 40oz







Tan / Beige


Lime Green

Kelly Green

Forrest Green

Light Blue

Royal Ocean Blue

Navy Blue




  • NFPA 701 Compliant (Black-18 oz, Royal Blue-18 oz, White-18 oz, Red-18 oz, Gray-18 oz, Blue-18 oz)


Optional Accessories

Valance Curtain Panels

A valance panel can be added to fill the space between the track and the ceiling for additional containment.

Wind Pockets & Panels

Wind pockets and larger wind panels relieve air pressure from curtains by diffusing wind through mesh screens.

Outdoor Floor Mounted Curtain Fasteners

Nylon webbing straps, secured to mounting plates with enclosed shock-absorbing security straps, keep curtains secure.

Strip Door Walk-Through

A strip door can be included to add an easy point of entry/egress. This keeps traffic flowing freely without slowly opening and closing the curtain. It also minimizes air transfer from not having to open and close the full height of the curtain.

Floor Sweep Attachment

An 8” strip of flexible PVC can be added with hook & loop fastener to the curtain hem and trimmed to match the slope or contours of the floor.

Chain-Weighted Hem

A chain-weighted hem keeps curtains hanging straight, minimizes wind movement and allows the curtain to be locked.

Magnet Attachments

Magnet Attachments provide a quick and easy way to attach and un-attach curtains. Magnets are used to attach curtains to other curtains, or adjacent steel walls and beams. Best utilized in dirty areas that would clog up traditional hook and loop attachment.

Velcro Attachments

Velcro fasteners can be added to connect multiple curtains together or to attach the curtain to the wall. The fasteners are welded or sewn onto the curtains. Pressure sensitive Velcro is available for in the field application.

Vision Panels

Vision panels can be added to your industrial curtains to allow for clear visibility within your facility. Vision panels are made from the Transparent PVC material (Clear or Anti-Static), available in 54” increments for the 20 mil, 30 mil, and 40 mil; and in 66” increments for the 14 mil.


Optional Layouts

Have a desired or required design for your industrial curtain in your specific application? We offer a variety of styles consisting of single sided, double sided, triple sided, four sided or multiple straights.





Multiple Straights